By 2020 the economic value of the Internet of Things is predicted
to be over $11 Trillion

Latest semantic data show that Bitcoins is not fading,

instead it is gaining adoption among entrepreneurs and investors,

and due to the its massive investor interest

and blockchain technology it may power the Internet of Things!

The World Economic Forum defines bitcoins and blockchain

That is $11 trillion worth of opportunites

The vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, lack of integrity and scalability issues of centralized systems rule them out of being the used to build the Internet of Things

This leaves the blockchain as the preferred system for powering future smart cities. If the Sharing Economy trends continue to rise, the $11 trillion+ Internet of Things will be powered by blockchain

A blockchain-powered smart future presents exciting opportunities as well as some very crusial questions including:
  • What is the history of Bitcoin?
  • What is "blockchain" - technology of Bitcoin?
  • Who are the actual creators of Bitcoins?
  • What are the top current blockchain networks?
  • Which blockchains do have a potential to survive into the future?
  • Are there any already existing blockchain based products?
  • What opportunities does the blockchain provide the investor?
  • How will blockchain affect the tax system?
  • What opportunities does the blockchain provide the entrepreneur?
  • What impact will the blockchain have on governance?
  • What impact will the blockchain have on health care?
  • How will blockchain affect the privacy?
  • How will blockchain affect work, employment and career?
  • How will blockchain affect property ownership?
  • What impact will the blockchain technology have on society at large?

You will discover a whole lot more in the Bitcoin 2020 report

Consider: an investment of $27 into bitcoins in 2009 would be worth over a million dollars today, what would an investment into the technology which will power future smart cities be worth?

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Who is the Bitcoin 2020 report for?


Bitcoin 2020 explores how the blockchain technology can be used to the benefit of everyone, governments, organizations and communities.


Bitcoin 2020 examines which blockchain networks have the potential to make it to the future, this way you know where to invest your talent.


In Bitcoin 2020 entrepreneurs discover how the blockchain technology not only affects the future of businesses but also how to capitalize on it and adapt to the future of crypto-entrepreneurship.


'Control-free' does not mean 'profit-free', Bitcoin 2020 shows how everyone - not just investors, can turn the blockchain into a Gold Rush! The IoT may be worth $11 Trillions, but the blochain could be worth more!

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